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Window Tint FAQS


To create an appointment  with PH Solar, please contact us by phone and confirm a time available. We suggest booking an appointment 1 day in advance to ensure the time requested is available. 

Duration of automotive tinting

Depending on the amount of windows required for tinting, and the particular vehicle, each job is estimated to take 1 hour or more. Our waiting room offers Shaw Wi-Fi connectivity, Cable TV, and Magazines. Being at a centralized location grants the option of multiple restaurants within walking distance. 


All automotive window tint installations at PH Solar, include a limited lifetime manufactures warranty, that protects you from defects in the window film. We offer a 5 year labour warranty from the time of install. With proper care and maintenance, our film installations have a potential life expectancy upwards of 15 years. 

Drying time

Drying time will be approximately 7 days, it is suggested you do not wash your windows internally during this period. It is best to leave tinted windows capable of moving untouched for 2 days to allow the films adhesives to activate.

Cleaning Window Film

Cleaning should be done using a non-abrasive window cleaning solution, and wiped off with a soft towel or a micro fibre. Windex, alcohol or ammonia should not be used. At PH Solar, we offer a premium glass cleaner that is safe for all window tints.

Common Defects Misinterpreted 

After the installation of window films, certain vehicles may have a series of dots around the edge of the rear window. This is also known as the dot matrix, and is applied on the glass by the factory. When the window film is placed on top, you may notice a hazy area until it is fully dried. This is a minor but unavoidable misinterpreted defect.

Our professional installers guarantee their best installations, but as an aftermarket installation, there may be very minor and unnoticeable dust particles depending on the cleanness of the vehicle.

B.C Window Tinting Laws

All windows behind the driver and passenger windows have no legal restrictions. The BC laws state that the windshield, Driver, and passenger windows must be clearly visible.