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Paint Protection Films FAQ


To create an appointment  with pH Solar, please contact us by phone and confirm a time available. We suggest booking an appointment 1 week in advance to ensure the time requested is available. 

Duration of Paint Protection Film Install

Depending on the amount of coverage desired, and the particular vehicle, each job is estimated to take two days. We recommend to have the vehicle dropped off in the morning of the scheduled drop-off date, and to be picked up at the end of the day of the scheduled pick-up date. Certain vehicles may require to be left at our facility for 3 days, to allow for maximum drying time. Please consult with us for further info.


XPEL Paint Protection installations at PH Solar include a 10 year manufacture warranty that guarantee's the film to be free of manufacturing defects. 

Drying time

Drying time will be approximately 7-10 days, it is suggested you do not wash the exterior of your vehicle during this period. It is best to leave the vehicle indoors or in a warm area to allow the film's adhesives to fully activate. If the vehicle has been painted prior to installing paint protection film; please allow for 2-3 weeks for the re-painted surfaces to dry before installing paint protection films.

Cleaning Paint Protection Films

Cleaning should be done using high quality automotive wax. There is no specific wax that will deteriorate the quality of the film. Once the film has fully cured from the installation - the film is able to be washed, waxed, and polished regularly. To maximize the potential life of the film, it is best to maintain a clean layer of wax regularly.