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Auto Window Films by LLumar

Ultra Violet Protection, Privacy, Luxury

LLumar is a highly reputable brand of film that is made in the United States of America. All of our LLumar films provide a high-performance colour stable technology, anti-scratch coating, and excellent levels of heat protection. LLumar Window films block 99.9% UV Rays keeping your car's interior looking new and feeling cool.  

We have specifically chosen to carry LLumar auto tint for over 30 years because of the excellent quality and craftsmanship LLumar films provide. Most auto tint's sold in the industry come with a green or purple shading, however, LLumar films provide a unique and true black shade that can match factory-tint colour specifications.

Outstanding solar heat rejection, 99% UV ray rejection, and superior shades are several reasons to choose LLumar auto tint. With several different shades of films available, there is a wide variety to personalize your vehicle.

All of our Window film products guarantee no purpling, bubbling, or peeling over time. LLumar backs all of its products with a limited life-time warranty. 

We offer both ATC premium dyed film, and FormulaOne Pinnacle Nano-ceramic window film